How To Make Your Own Rap Beats

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How To Make Your Own Rap Beats

In this article I'm going to explore the process involved in making your own Rap beats. There are many reasons why you might wish to learn how to make your own Rap beats. Amongst these or creative reasons, such as that you are already making music and wish to enhance it by creating your own Rap beats. But other reasons could be at the heart of why you wish to make beats, such as to enhance products that you're making, or even as a tool to aid meditation.

The truth is that without a great beat a rap song is going to be pretty dull. Because it is the beat that is the core element of the song that really enhances it and makes it something special. In essence it is a bit like the heart of the song. As long as the heart is pumping, then the rest of the song also works. There are two essential elements to making a rap beat really work. These are the feelings that it generates, and how original it is. If you simply copy other people's beats, then you're never going to create that real punch and vibrance that comes from hearing music for the first time. So it is very important that you stand apart from anything else out there, and be truly original.

If you look at the way the beat is structured, you will see it typically as a series of loops and stops. And the way these works is by looping in on each other and almost creating a self feedback mechanism back onto the beat itself.  So in other words, the art form comes in learning how to create great loops. If you can make great loops, then you can now how to make your own Rap beats very easily, and they will sound great.

The first thing to do is to start with the hi hats. This sets the basic kind of tone for your rap beat and helps to create the speed and cadence of the beat.

The next thing that you need to do, is with the baseline, and the mid and high tones. Once you have got those three elements in place then you have the basic structure of your rap beat in place and you then need to simply add in the vocal line, and any instrumental backup you want as part of the tune.  It is essentially a combination of these different factors that lead to the buildup of vibrancy and make it really sounds punchy and original.

One important aspect to mention, is that you shouldn't go overboard with making your rap beats sound too much. One common mistake is to end up with so much instrumentation and so much baseline, that In a sense you drown out any musicality. Instead you should try to keep things as simple as possible. It is not how many layers you have that makes the difference, it is how everything ends up sounding together, and how they can invoke feelings in the people who are listening. One good way to go about discovering whether you're beat has got this X factor, is to listen to some of your favourite Rap beats stars, and prepare your own tunes.

And realise that this need not be hard work, you can use a simple program like sonic producer to get some fantastic results, and it needn't cost you the earth to produce really fabulous rap beats.

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