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Music Producer Pro Review

from Music Producer Pro
Music Producer Pro Review -
There are many, many music producer and home music studio software programs out there on the market. Do the majority of them do or deliver on what they promise you? Well, of course not. Music production is hardly some easy thing. When you hear about some "easy to use" music production program, you know or should know that you are probably being taken for a ride. But, what if there were some user-friendly ("easy to use") music production software program on the market that was also a gigantic tutorial, a tutorial unlike the others out there? But wait...before we can judge that, we have to ask ourselves "what are those others out there like?"

Music Producer Pro Overview

Believe it or not, music production programs that offer tutorials, or which simply are tutorials, are a dime a dozen--but you'll pay a lot more than that for them. You see, they tell you the same old thing over and over again. They don't reveal any "secrets" to you. Rather, they regurgitate what any literate and halfway intelligent person with a love of music could easily find out on their own by surfing the Internet (there are, today, these websites called "How Stuff Works" and "e-How", people). But needless to say, they promise you the moon and then deliver, at least in large measure, the green cheese. And green cheese is moldy, last I checked.
If you really want to know and be able to do with your music what you...well, what you really want to know and be able to do with your music, you need something that is cut above the rest of these programs. And that's where Music Producer Pro comes in. Music Producer Pro promises you something and then delivers on the promise. As a matter of fact, the chances are that this program will exceed your expectations. 
Music Producer Pro is, in fact, produced by a music producer and a real musician--Jay Dynasty--who has well over 20 years in the professional music business. Jay is a real musician. His music production equipment list, just as he tells it, is: MacG5 workstation with Apple Logic Pro, Mach Five, Exs 24, a Yamaha Motif, Korg Triton, Mpc2000, Mpc4000, Live Guitars, V-Drums, Acoustic Pearl Drums, Tobias Basses, Korg MS2000, Roland JP8000, MPC 4000.
That's serious business, and "Jay D" is serious about bringing you a great product if you are hungry to become a music producer, if you wan to be a producer of your own music, or if you just want to indulge your passion but make it sound great for your friends and family.
While "Jay D" does focus on the rap artist and hip-hip sampler a lot with his software and tutorials,and provides "beat samplers" along with all that, this is by no means the only musical style that you can learn to produce. In fact, his software tutorial will provide you the knowledge you need to make music in virtually any style--hip-hop, metal, jazz, blues, pop, and even classical or country.
What does Jay D have to say for himself? Quite a lot. He tells us
"I have been recording and performing my music since I was six years old...I have graduated from music conservatories as a kid, performed on subways as a teenager, and recorded in the biggest studios in Manhattan for the last decade. I'm a producer baby, That's what I do, and now I'm here to show you how. I produced music in my home studio and then was offered a serious production job that required a lot of performing on my part. I was forced to improve my playing to a virtuoso ability in a short amount of time, and I was definitely faced with the biggest challenge of my life."
If you buy this guy's very inexpensive program--you pay just a one-time fee which, at the time of this writings, is slightly less than $40 for full access which will include the forum and all of his updates--you will get a whole library's worth of information and tutorials which you will have total access to round the clock, every day. One pleasant surprise here is that you find tutorials that are not directly about Music Maker Pro--they are about the art and science of producing music in the modern world, period. You will get videos, mp3s, and access to at least 1,000 credited music production lessons and writings. The Music Maker Pro library of content alone is vaster than several of the lesser music production programs all rolled into one.
There can be no question that you are going to learn something here that you never knew before, too. This is a long-experienced industry insider who is almost giving away his vast knowledge of how to make different music and how to make it sound incredible. One of the greatest things about Music Maker Pro is that even when you hear "old news" about music production, you quite often hear it given to you within a new context--in other words, you will find yourself saying yourself that you never thought of applying such-and-such a technique in this way before.
So, the question that now floats up is: what is wrong with this thing? There always has to be something wrong, yes? Well, what's wrong here is that the program can't possibly be perfect because its average score on user reviews is only 8.9 on a scale of 1-10. Yeah, that's all. And some users have given it just a 4 out of 5 stars only because they feared that to give it 5 stars would make it sound too good to be true. Think about that.
Music Maker Pro is as close as it gets to a "perfect" music production tutorial and software program. Oh--and it's got a 60-day money back guarantee, too. What reason have you got for not trying it out?

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