Acoustica Beatcraft Review

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Acoustica Beatcraft Review

from Acoustica

Acoustica Beatcraft Review

Acoustica Beatcraft is a beat making software that gives users the ability to create real sounding drumbeats, without having access to actual drums. This software is definitely at the top of the industry, as many reviewers have found that it accomplishes everything that is needed from this type of software. Anyone who enjoys creating beats of any type should definitely look into this software, as it is easy to use and will definitely allow users of all levels to create the beats that they desire. The majority of reviews on this product are extremely positive, as most people have been able to create the music that they desire, in a number of different genres, with the help of Acoustica Beatcraft.

One review that was found came from a 52-year old man, who does not have much technical knowledge whatsoever. This individual had been in the music business for quite some time, but had struggled to use other types of beat making software because a great deal of computer knowledge was needed to master them. This person, however, loved everything about Acoustica Beatcraft, especially the fact that it is so inexpensive. From a working musician's perspective, this is very high praise, as this reviewer could not tell the difference in sound between a real drum set and Acoustica Beatcraft. This is very high praise coming from someone who has been in the industry for the last 35 years.

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Another review reiterated the fact that this is one of the easiest pieces of beat making software available, especially since it features a drag and drop interface. This definitely makes the entire beat making process easier, as you can simply drag a drumbeat into the proper location and then mix it with other beats in the same manner. This same reviewer also stated that finding beat kits was relatively easy for those who have not purchased the full version, although it is definitely much better to purchase this full version because it comes with everything that you will need right away. This is yet another user that was completely satisfied with the product because of how easy it is to use for the price.

A third reviewer, who uses Acoustica Beatcraft for hip-hop beats, believes that the software is perfect for the hip-hop genre. Once again, this user praises the fact that the interface is so easy to use and it comes at a great price. When compared to other beat making software that is available, this reviewer claims that Acoustica Beatcraft sounds much more realistic and is definitely one of the best available. The only problem that this user found with Acoustica Beatcraft was that the acoustic sound was not as good as the hip-hop beats. This individual also did not believe that enough drum kits were available for download, so the beats that can be created are somewhat limited. Basically, this individual thought that this program could be improved slightly by including more sounds with it, but it was definitely not something that would prevent him from using the program moving forward.

Something that was mentioned by one reviewer is that once you figure out Acoustica Beatcraft, you will not even need a real drum set to complete your songs. This individual is a professional musician who was able to use this software full time once he got the hang of it, as the kits that are available come in enough genres to keep almost anyone happy. Anyone who wants to record his or her own songs should definitely look into this software because it works on so many different levels. While you might still need a drummer for live performances, having this great software at your disposal can definitely make a composer's life a lot easier when developing his or her music.

A fifth reviewer mentioned that a drum machine will usually cost a person about $1500, so being able to pick up this software for somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 is definitely a great deal. Before this kind of computer software was available, composers were forced to spend that type of money on a drum machine, which is definitely extremely hard on the budget. The Acoustica Beatcraft is the newest generation of computer-based drum software and the company has worked hard to create software that can be used by professionals and beginners alike. The reality of the situation is that people can master this software very quickly, as all it takes is a few clicks to get things figured out. This reviewer also commented that this software sounds about as realistic as you can expect from a computer generated sound system, making it well worth the small amount that it costs.

Composers of all levels should definitely be aware of everything that the Acoustica Beatcraft software has to offer, as it can help anyone with an interest in this sort of thing to create music. Most composers know that having a solid beat is one of the most important aspects of creating great music, so mastering this software can definitely go a long way in help you to easily make music that others will want to hear. In the composition stage, simply having the ability to easily throw some beats together in order to get started will definitely come in handy and this is exactly what most of these reviewers like the most about Acoustica Beatcraft. While some reviewers did note that having more beats available would help out a little bit, this was not considered a major problem because there is still so much to like about this product.

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